Your Free Research Companion

Your Free and Private Research Companion (Desktop Only!)

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A simple and free research clipping tool for bloggers, sales professionals, researchers, anyone. 

No setup or configuration necessary.

100% Free. No Account Required.

HelloClips Chrome Extension for Capturing Text Research Online
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Clip a nearly unlimited number of text-based facts, quotes, and details about whatever you’re researching, and store in whatever research app you prefer.

Or export to .csv to import into a database.

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Works only on the desktop Chrome browser.

Step 1. Highlight Your Research

See text content you want to capture for your podcast or blog research?

Just highlight the content you want to capture. You don't even need to hit Ctrl-C to copy it.

Step 3. Activate the Extension

Right-click to activate the extension (choose HelloClips in the context menu that appears), or select the extension icon in the top right corner:

This clips three pieces of content: the web page URL, the title of the page, and the text you highlighted.

Step 4. Name Your Clip

You can customize the name of your clip to give it a little more context — something to jog your memory about why this clip is an important one.

Step 4. Paste or Import Anywhere

Clip to your heart's content across the Web.

When you're done capturing text-based content, with a single click you can copy them all from the main HelloClips overlay screen.

Then, open your favorite research or notes app and paste them all together with a single click, consistently formatted.

(Instead of pasting, you can choose to download all your clips as a .csv file to use in your preferred database tool like Airtable, Trello, or Notion.)

100% Privacy Guaranteed

The extension doesn't save or upload any of your information anywhere but on your computer's clipboard.

Clip quotes and any other textual background info confidently and drop it wherever you store all of your research.

Latest Enhancements

1. Name each clip!
HelloClips will trigger a popup allowing you to give each clip a name before capturing them so you can better organize your research.

2. Work across numerous tabs!
If you like to open numerous tabs at once, you can move from tab to tab, clipping your research.

3. Clip unlimited content!
You can continue to clip research until you've exhausted your work, before having HelloClips paste it into your research compilation app of choice.

4. Download your clips as a .csv file!
Instead of pasting your text content, you can download your research for import into spreadsheet or database tools like Google Sheets or Airtable.

The only thing to be mindful of with HelloClips:

If you close out your browser prior to pasting or downloading your content, you will lose that content. So, download the .csv or paste the content into your research collection tool before finishing up for your browser session for today.

You can always start a new research session tomorrow.

Got a feature request? Get in touch at info (@) helloclips.co